Stay Fit and Active

Let our sports medicine doctor in Meridian, ID treat your injury

Whether you're a professional athlete, student athlete or intramural athlete, you don't want an injury to hold you back. If you suffered a knee or shoulder injury on the field, turn to Dr. Aaron Newton Orthopedics in Meridian, ID. Our orthopedic surgeon will assess your pain and point you toward the best possible treatments. With us on your side, you'll be back in the game before you know it.

We also offer ligament reconstruction surgery!


Don't Wait to Recover

When you're referred to an orthopedic surgeon after an injury, don't wait around for the next available appointment. Get started on your road to recovery right away. Our team has early availability in Nampa and Meridian.

Early assessment and getting a correct diagnosis are crucial in your overall recovery and return to activity. Call (208) 302-3200 today to schedule a consultation with Dr Newton